A Brief History of the Mendip Farmers’ Hunt

The Mendip hounds had already been hunting the Mendip Hills for 75 years when Lord Grey brought the first Reform Bill to help the farmers that now feature in our name.

Started as a private pack around the middle of the 18th century, from 1760 to 1859 the Mendip country was hunted by the Tudway family. Colonel H A Luttrell (of the Dunster Castle Luttrells’) then hunted the country from 1860-65.

There was a gap during which our country continued to be hunted by Harriers until 1914 when the Tiarks brothers arrived – proceeding to hunt the country four days a week until the Great War stopped them in their tracks.

We amalgamated with the Stanton Drew in 1920 under Capt E H Rouse-Boughton. C Hilton Green became Master in 1921, and a year later they became once more the Mendip Foxhounds and the kennels moved to Priddy. H A Tiarks returned to the saddle for four years between 1924-28 and a succession of masterships followed: J Pickersgill, 1928-29. Capt G Hodgkinson and Capt D M Wills, 1929-32. Capt & Mrs Parks, 1932-34. Capt R Corbett and Major S C Houston, 1934-37. P Long, 1937-40.

The word “Farmers” re-appeared at the beginning of the Second World War when, interestingly, Hermann Tiarks took up the horn again. He hunted hounds for three explosive months before the Mendip Farmers’ Hunt Committee was formed.

Hounds moved to kennels near Priddy in 1921, owned by Sir Reginald Hobhouse and then his daughter Audrey Firbank who was Secretary until her death in 2004. In more recent years the Hunt has been lucky in the Masterships of Mrs Hill, Roger stratton, the brave as a lion Tony Younghusband, Basil Allen and many more.


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