Corinne Townend and George Pullen are the current acting masters.

Previous Masters are:

Mr G Pullen, Miss V Heal

Mr J Somervile

2017 – 2020


Mr R.H. Williams 2013-2014
Mr R.L. Standing, Mr J. Reynolds, The Hon Mrs J Rees-Mogg, Ms J Menzies 2012–2013
Mr R.L. Standing, Mr M. Sheppard, Mr J. Reynolds, Mr R.H.J Williams 2010-2012
Mr R.L. Standing, Mr M. Sheppard, Mr. J. Hankinson 2008-2010
Mr R.L. Standing, Mr C. Payne, Mr M. Sheppard 2006-2008
Mr K Osborne, Mr R.L. Standing, Mr C. Payne 2005-2006
Mr K. Osborne, Mr A. Meredith, Mr R L Standing 2004-2005
Mr K. Osborne, Mr R. Stratton, Mr A. Meredith, Mr R. L. Standing 2003-2004
Mr K. Osborne, Mr R. Stratton, Mr A. Meredith 2002-2003
Mr K. Osborne, Mr P. Thorner, Mr S. D. Russell, Mr R. Stratton 2000-2002
Mr K. Osborne, Mr C.M. Payne, Mr P. Thorner, Mr S. D. Russell 1998-2000
Mr K. Osborne, Mr I. Gibbons, Mr C.M. Payne, Mr P. Thorner. 1997-1998
Mr K. Osborne, Mrs R. Durie, Mrs A.R. Maw, Mr I. Gibbons, Mr W.F. Heal 1996-1997
Mr K. Osborne, Mrs R. Durie, Mrs L. Jenkins-Good, Mrs A.R. Maw 1993-1996
Mr K. Osborne, Mr J.H Councell, Mr M.R. Churches 1990-1993
Mr T. M. Pullen 1985-1990
Mr A.A.D. Younghusband, Mrs L. Jenkins-Good, Mr T.M. Pullen 1984-1985
Mr A.A.D. Younghusband 1975-1985
Mrs R. Hill, Mr R. Stratton 1970-1975
Lord and Lady Hugh Russell, Mr W. Saxon Pearce 1968-1970
Lord and Lady Hugh Russell 1967-1968
Major & Mrs B.O. Allen, Lord Hugh Russell 1965-1967
Major & Mrs B.O. Allen, Mr G.C Banks 1963-1965
Major & Mrs B.O. Allen, Mrs Worrall 1961-1963
Major & Mrs B.O. Allen 1960-1961
Major & Mrs B.O. Allen 1959-1960
Major & Mrs B.O. Allen, Miss B Firbank 1958-1959
Major & Mrs B.O. Allen 1950-1958
Mr W.H. Middle 1948-1950
Mrs Buller Popham 1946-1948
Mr H. Springfield 1945-1946
Mr W.H. Middle 1940-1945
Mr H.A. Tiarks took over the Hounds in 1940 for three months, after which the Mendip Farmers’ Hunt committee was formed with Mr W.H. Middle as chairman. He also became acting Master.
The Mendip Hunt.
Mr P. Long 1937-1940
Capt. Roland Corbett, Major S.C. Houston 1934-1937
Capt. & Mrs C.F. Parks 1932-1934
Capt. G. Hodgkinson, Capt. D.M. Wills 1929-1932
Mr J. Pickersgill 1928-1929
Mr H.A. Tiarks 1924-1928
Mr. C. Hilton-Green 1921-1924
Capt. E.H. Rouse-Boughton 1920-1921
The Mendip Hunt was originated in 1760 by the Tudway family and carried on for nearly a generation and off and on till 1865 when Col. Luttrell gave up after five seasons of Mastership. In 1884-87Mr. Phipps is recorded as Master and then in 1914 Mr H.A. Tiarks re-started the pack but owing to the War gave up in 1915. The Mendip Hunt was re- started in 1920
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